Benefits of First-Floor Master Bedroom

Are you considering a home with the master bedroom located on the first-floor? Wondering what the pros and cons are of having it downstairs instead of upstairs? There has been an upward trend of locating the Master Suites in new homes on the first-floor or main level with some pretty compelling reasons. Take a look at the benefits of first-floor master suites and see if it is right for you and your family.


“With Americans more acutely aware than ever of how their daily lives may evolve in the future, the first-floor master bedroom or suite is one trend that’s unlikely to fade anytime soon.

Benefits of a first-floor master bedroom or suite:

  • As bones and joints age, a main-floor master eliminates the need to climb stairs. It also reduces the risk of falls.
  • As anyone who’s ever lugged a mattress up a narrow flight of stairs can attest, it’s much easier to move furniture in and out of a room on the ground floor.
  • First-floor bedrooms are usually close to the most frequently used spaces in a home, such as the kitchen, living room and entryway, making it easier for residents to catch all the action.
  • Even in a house with two stories, a master suite on the first floor can be constructed in addition to a second-floor master bedroom. This not only makes it easy for homeowners to change rooms as they grow older, but it also provides the perfect space for older overnight visitors. They may also elect to designate the upper floor for the kids’ rooms, a playroom or perhaps a study space, which helps to preserve the master bedroom’s peace and quiet.
  • Adding French or sliding glass doors to main-floor masters makes indoor/outdoor living a breeze.
  • Homes designed with a first-floor master bedroom or suite generally sell faster and for more money.
  • Aging in place becomes a real possibility, and that’s of paramount importance to most Americans, comments Colorado Builder Magazine.
  • A master suite (bedroom and bath) can make a great guest suite especially living in Florida with friends and family visiting. A master suite provides both comfort and privacy for your guests. It’s more relaxing for them and for the rest of your family if you all aren’t sharing a bathroom.
  • It can be used as an ideal home office for a remote employee or entrepreneur. Close the door and you can work undisturbed by the rest of the family.

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