5 Flooring Trends to Add Sophistication to Your Home

The thing we love most about the new wave of flooring trends is that they are timeless. None are too splashy and they are very sophisticated and understated.

Gone are the days where carpet was king. Now people prefer the elegant simplicity of bare floors that are easier to maintain and require less vacuuming.

Here we go over 5 flooring trends that we love for 2020.

1. Hardwood is the Clear Winner for Everywhere in Your Home

There’s nothing more classic than a hardwood floor. Starting in the 1950s, people starting covering them up in favor of pile carpet and other fads.

But, now homeowners are choosing the simplicity and elegance of hardwood. Not only can you simply run a duster over it to clean it but, these are not the hardwood floors your grandma had.

The hardwoods take less maintenance, can be made with more sustainable woods, and will last for years and years to come.

When choosing your floor choose cool colors like dark mahogany, gray, lighter tones but not yellow, and whitewash looks. Wide planks are more stylish than thin. Matte is in, not glossy or shiny.

Any of these choices would also go wonderfully with the Pantone color of the year for 2020, classic blue.

2. Hardwood-Look Tile

Even with the newer hardwoods out there, the flooring is still costly and requires upkeep. It also can warp in higher humidity areas.

A great new product that’s becoming all the rage, especially in the warmer climates, is wood look tile. This is a porcelain tile product that looks just like the wood it’s mimicking.

Now, pay close attention at installation because pulling off this look all lies in the grout lines. A mistake some installers make is to lay these tiles at a standard tile width apart. This will not look like a hardwood floor, it will look like a tile floor with wood texture.

To achieve that mimic appearance you’ll want the thinnest grout lines your team can pull off. The thinner the better. Then, make sure you have grout in a complementary color to the wood color.

Once laid you’ll sit back and relax and be amazed at how many people simply cannot tell this is tile and not the real thing.

3. Vinyl Flooring

Now, we know what you’re thinking, but, this is not the vinyl flooring of 10 years ago.

Just like the tile, this stuff looks seamless and you really have to try to tell it’s not real wood. Plus, an added benefit, it’s waterproof. That’s right. Waterproof.

So, say you have a pool and kids that are constantly running in and out of your house. No need to worry about your floor warping just mop up the mess and you’re good. Speaking of mopping, do so with vigor, it’s not going to harm this floor the way it can with real wood.

4. Put a Rug on It: Area Rugs Are All the Rage

What’s the one thing all of the floors have in common so far? None of them are carpeting. While that’s awesome for cleaning and routine maintenance there is something to be said about squishing your toes into a nice rug.

Area rugs have become the answer in the places you miss your carpet. Instead of wall to wall, even in bedrooms, place a large area rug on the floor. It’s easier to clean up and you still have warm feet in the morning.

5. Carpet Runners and Carpet Tiles

Let’s face it. Even with the best intentions and a bunch of area rugs, there are places in your home that need carpet. Most people still like to install a carpet runner on the stairs for instance. 

Carpet tiles make carpeting a kid’s playroom simple and removable. Once they get older you aren’t stuck with wall-to-wall carpet, simply pick up the tiles and your beautiful flooring underneath has been protected from LEGO explosions and diaper disasters.

Choose Your Flooring Wisely When You’re Building a Home

As the premier home builder here in the Tampa Bay Area we know a thing or two when it comes to flooring. We hope you love these flooring trends. When you pick your new floor, make sure you’re choosing something that can grow with you and the home.

Your floor is a large investment so try not to be too on-trend, rather give yourself a neutral slate to build from and put in your trendy accents using area rugs and other textiles in the room.Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? We can help. Contact us at DiGiovanni Homes today!