City Highlight – Palm Harbor

DiGiovanni Homes builds new homes with spacious, open floor plans in the form of single-family homes, condos or townhomes in Tampa Bay’s best communities. In this blog, we are highlighting one of our favorites cities — Palm Harbor.

Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor is located north of Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg. This city is best known for the championship golfing at Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club.


Throughout the years, Palm Harbor has been known by many different names as our community evolved. Palm Harbor has a rich history of cattlemen, farmers, and citrus growers, among other professions. Palm Harbor is also noted for being a pioneer town and later a resort and college town! Settlers came from the northern areas such as Chicago, Illinois, and Tennessee to enjoy the weather but mainly to work hard and establish industries, merchant stores and a viable means of support.


Between 1864 and 1925 Palm harbor went through three names and was a pioneer town, a farming center, a developer’s dream, a resort town, and a college town.


As early as 1860, people began occupying the area now known as Palm Harbor.


According to the documentation at the Palm Harbor Historical Society, 1864 is the first year of historical activity in this area.


Bay St. Joseph is the first known name of the Palm Harbor area.  In 1878, when J.C. Craver established the first post office, Bay St. Joseph was officially created. St. Joseph Sound is off the coasts of Crystal Beach and Ozona.


In 1886, a company named the Sutherland Land and Development Company purchased much of the land that was not owned privately. The intent was to develop the area into a resort community. The company began as a group of investors from Omaha, Nebraska; some say as many as 50.


Sutherland Land and Development Company was instrumental in platting the community in 1888, which at that time was part of Hillsborough County. The company designed boulevards that bear the names of the states.


In 1919, another similarly named company, Sutherland Development Company, came to town. According to the Estate of James M. Van Valkenberg, the investors were Canadian whose local representatives and possible major stockholders were A.B. and James H. Coleman a.k.a. the Coleman Brothers.

The Historical Society reports that the group came from Toronto, Canada with A.B.Coleman as President, J. H. Coleman as Vice President and Treasurer and an Executive Manager from Buffalo, NY, J. H. Nichelson.  This group purchased more property and added sidewalks and streetlights.


The San Marino Hotel sat on the bluff at Omaha Street and Florida Avenue, and it later became the site for Southern College for a short time and burned down January 29, 1921.


In 1925, the town’s name was changed from Sutherland to Palm Harbor and remains so today. The Sutherland Development Company changed its name to Palm Harbor Developing Company.

Best Things To Do In Palm Harbor

Here is a list of some of the favorite things to do in Palm Harbor:

  • Innisbrook, A Salamander Golf & Spa Resort
  • Innisbrook Loch Ness Monster Pool and Grill
  • Crystal Beach
  • Ozona
  • Suncoast Primate Sanctuary
  • Palm Harbor Museum
  • John Chesnut Sr. Park
  • Downtown Palm Harbor
  • Wall Springs Park
  • Restaurants, Shops, Breweries
  • Pinellas Trail
  • North Pinellas Historical Museum
  • Fishing Charters


Palm Harbor has a population of 61,553 and is in Pinellas County. It is one of the best places to live in Florida. Many retirees live in Palm Harbor, and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Palm Harbor are highly rated with Palm Harbor University High School (Double Magnet School) and East Lake High School.


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