Does Your HOA Allow Pets in Your Community?

At DiGiovanni Homes, our communities in Tampa Bay are very pet friendly. Did you know that sixty-eight percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA)? This is up from 56 percent of U.S. households in 1988, the first year the survey was conducted.

Well over half of the United States’ households have furry family members and are big pet lovers. It is important that the neighborhood that you move into will embrace your beloved pets.

Is a Neighborhood pet friendly?

There are several factors that you want to consider for your furry loved one to make sure that you are moving into an animal friendly neighborhood:

You see dogs out and about

This is an obvious sign of a pet-friendly neighborhood when there are lots of dogs exploring with their humans.

Plenty of sidewalks and places to walk

Either in your community or town, are there plenty of sidewalks, trails and beaches to explore?

Nearby animal shelter, veterinarian, and pet supply store

This is important so you have options to care for your loved one. It also shows that the city and community support animals.

Nearby dog parks

This is wonderful to get out and socialize with other dogs playing. It will help pet and owner to be happy and relaxed.

Local dog friendly restaurants

You can tell if a community embraces animals if the local restaurants are dog friendly.

These factors will enhance the quality of life for you and your pet — and make your new neighborhood feel like home.

DiGiovanni Homes HOA

Our townhome communities are pet friendly. The HOA allows up to 2 pets per household.

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